Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Codex Corporeal

I have no clue what to do about this blog.  First, I hate the word ‘blog’.  Not with any real reason, more the general connotations of it.  Second, apparently to get any traction on the internet with a blog, you need to have a theme or a purpose to what you are blogging about.  That’s what really sticks in between my teeth.

See, I have – and had – no real set goal for this.  When I began, it was an outlet.  Something to get me started with my writing.  To that end, it has been quite useful.  Some of my older works were hell-on-wheels when it comes to everything – composition, syntax, punctuation, etc.  My other purpose was to vet out all the ghosts in my closets that I had been fighting with for years.

That took three entries.

So, I stood back, scratched my ass raw, and said fuck it.  I walked away for a bit, had some great ideas, and put my writing into those ideas.  So, like the ol’ come-around friend with benefits, I’m back at it again trying to stump up some new thoughts.  Problem is, I still have no clue what the theme of this should be.

I like cooking.  This is not a cooking blog, though.  I like politics.  This is about as political as a Yo-Momma-Thon.  Video games; not video games.  Inspirational; couldn’t give a rats ass if you’re inspired.  Music; yeah, screw that.  My brother in law already has a fantastic music blog – seriously: http://www.listendammit.com/

On thinking, I’ve decided to just keep this as a personal support system – a slice-o’-life collection.  My thoughts.  You know, like what LiveJournal was doing in the nineties, but without all the pretention.  Well, most of it.  This shall be my collection on thoughts as a living person – not on living, or being alive, or how to sustain the flesh, or how to engage with a platypus on philosophical matters – just all of it, while being none of it singularly.  My own codex corporeal.

So, that’s about it: this page links to the most interesting collection of nothing.  I may be biased, but, at least I’m not naked. Yet.

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